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Is this your first trip to Tokyo? Or are you a Tokyo repeater? In either case, if you are looking for something different, this is the one!
Tokyo Great Cycling Tour is a guided tour, open to all foreign visitors to ride through - on a BICYCLE - the major tourist spots in Tokyo.
Even if you have visited those places before, riding a bicycle will make the trip very special.Tokyo Great Cycling Tour promise you a wonderful day in Tokyo.


= New! Hanami Evening ride =

From March 24 to April 10
Please see route page for the details.

== Following tours are... ==

(from today -- until April 19)

Still available ... Apr 13, 14, 15, 19

Almost full (Hurry up!) ... 1, 8, 16

Not mentioned above, tours are full (Sorry!!)

=Something different from cycling=

We are running Tokyo Great Kayaking Tour and Tokyo Great Running Tour. Check out their Facebook pages as well as website for more details!!
TGKT'FB page TGRT's FB page

== Sincere request from TGCT ==

Please give us an e-mail or a call if you cancel the tour. We won't charge you any fee, but please remember there might be some more people on the waiting list wanting to take that tour! Thank you for your co-operation!